About Us

RESS (Restaurant Equipment Sales & Services) founded in December 2011 by equipment and sales extraordinaire with a chief mission in mind; to empower foodservice operators to create and maintain a business environment which is soundly productive, efficient and successful. With integrating the use of our vast technological base and a team of knowledgeable sales and technical specialists, RESS will deliver an unparalleled experience. Currently, our endeavors include but not limited to: bakeries, canteens, food preparation facilities, restaurants, government projects, hotel-kitchens, etc.

Should you choose to do business with us, our promise to you is a strategically balanced atmosphere where great things ensue! You bring the ideas, and we can make your dreams a workable reality.

Quality In Mind

At RESS, we take into consideration your budget and will tailor our recommendations to fit your needs without jeopardizing the quality of your order. With our access to over fifteen Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers worldwide, we give you optimum choices and variations of designs, offering diverse product types and brands in order to reduce costs where necessary and making it easier to fulfill most requests at budget rates. In this business, we understand the necessity of proper, high quality equipment and will never offer a product that will not last just for a quick or reduced dollar. In the final analysis, quality is the superior factor in this industry, although dependent on the available capital, we try to offer the best value on the dollar spent.

Educational Resources

With the broad line of products and areas in the foodservice industry, we will make it easier for you to keep up with the trends, tricks & tips by sending out newsletters periodically. It is important to make informed decisions and purchases. At RESS, we make it our undertaking to ensure that all parties involved are properly educated on best working practices and care of equipment. In order to function efficiently, clients need to be knowledgeable about their equipment and how they will operate, maintain and potentially upgrade in going forward.

Better Service

Relying on service is the most tedious and painstaking feeling particularly in the Foodservice industry, not anymore! At RESS, we strive to provide our customers with the best customer relationship experience when it comes to keeping track of orders, deliveries, after sale service, warranties, consultation & more. As sticklers for excellent service, we make it our obligation to be on par with the best customer service providers globally! Leaving an impression of prodigious stance in itself is the RESS way!

Maintenance & Repairs

With our skilled personnel possessing over a decades involvement and expertise in the Food Service industry as recognized service technicians, we are able to concentrate on and generate the best solutions to any problem you may experience; from refrigeration, cooking equipment, Preparation equipment, ventilation, cooling and heating and lots more with endless possibilities.

We have produced and continue to maintain Kitchens in Hospital Institutions, Public Catering Institutions, Restaurants, Catering facilities, School Canteens, Night Clubs, Bakeries, Industrial food facilities and Concessions.

In this industry maintenance is especially essential and enforces productivity. Ideally, it would be more cost effective to regularly service equipment than to suffer losses in production time and efforts.

Kitchen & Bar Designing Expertise

At RESS, we pride ourselves in being an innovative hassle free provider of kitchen and bar designs with a keen eye for detail and a passion for precision. Our dedicated team of qualified specialist in keeping with market trends and evolving technologies seek to provide the best solution for your every customization need, all the while keeping any budgetary needs in mind. With your vision, our objective is to bring your concepts to life; our design team will offer step-by step assistance from menu building, design collaboration, working plans to a turnkey operation with endless possibilities. We focus on utilizing space the most efficient way possible to make the most of your kitchen and bar areas. RESS has had an extensive involvement in designing areas for bakeries, food trailers, school canteens, high-end bars & restaurants. A good design is essential and we are passionate about providing you with the premier customer experience. Thinking of starting a new kitchen, remodeling or replacing equipment? Let RESS make this process easier for you – contact us today to make your first step towards success!