Gas Griddles

Our griddle line from Vulcan and Adcraft are crafted for suitability, efficiency and performance. They are valuable assets to any restaurant kitchen.

The Adcraft heavy duty gas countertop griddles are designed for use with either natural or LP gas. Constructed of stainless steel front and sides that are fully welded, these units are able to stand the toughest of kitchen environments.

The Vulcan range has a greased chute that is fully welded to stop grease migration. These systems include heavy duty chromed thermostat knob guards, one pilot safety valve for every two burners, and safety will completely shut off gas to pilot and burners if pilot extinguishes.

Both these griddle ranges have one year limited parts and labor warranty.


Gas Griddle CTG-24

Gas Griddle CTG-36

Gas Griddle CTG-48


Vulcan Model No. 24RRG

Vulcan Model No. 36RRG

Vulcan Model No. VCRG24-M

Vulcan Model No. VCRG24-T

Vulcan Model No. VCRG36-M

Vulcan Model No. VCRG36-T